The Plant
Processing Capacity

We at Ghaffar Corporation not only purchase rice from the market and ship it to the desired destinations of our valued customers but also we have our procurement centres in the provinces of Punjab and Sindh (interior) along with the pertinent facilities.

The Plant
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The Company boasts of three state-of-the-art processing plants in Karachi with an installed minimum capacity of 20 MT per hour and consisting of sophisticated equipment from England and Germany. These plants also contain automatic equipment where reprocessing and repacking is carried out as per the specific requirements of our clients.

The plant consists of state of the art agro-industrial machinery like paddy cleaners, de-stoners, thickness graders, polishers, wet polishers, length graders and rotary sieves.

The use of such automatic equipment ensures hygienic handling of the rice, as the computerised machines remove the husk, polish, de-stone and sort the best grains of Basmati rice.

In addition, we have established a laboratory, supervised by an expert with 35 years of experience to his credit, for the research work on the quality of rice and for the state of the art techniques to identify the grain. It is our dedicated and combined effort that has made Ghaffar Corporation one of the best equipped rice exporting organisations.

Machinery Specifications

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All laboratory equipment are the latest and the most advanced to ensure that each grain meets international standards.

Some of the Quality Control Equipment used are:

  • Cleaning Machine
  • Rubber Roll Shelters
  • Dry Stoners an Graders
  • Shelling and Separation
  • Whitening Machines
  • Rice Pearlers and Polishers
  • Sifting
  • Electronic Color and Sorting Machines

We have built a reputation for delivering high quality products on time and in top condition. In an ever competitive world commodities market, we will continue to work closely with customers to ensure complete satisfaction.

Processing Capacity

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The plant has an installed minimum capacity of 20 metric tons per hour, while the total milling and processing capacity of all the units is approximately 500 metric tons per day.

There are  22 fully automated rice-shelling units, and our seasonal work-force consists of approximately 850 people.