Rice Quality with
Normal polish

Broken Percentage

U.S.$ Rate per Metric Ton (FOB-Karachi)

Super Kernel Basmati (white)



Super Kernel Basmati (brown)



Aromatic Basmati (white)



Aromatic Basmati (brown)



IRRI-9, Long Grain (white)



IRRI-9, Long Grain (brown)



IRRI-6, Long Grain (white)



IRRI-6, Long Grain (white)



Prices are valid upto :..................(Subject to Re-confirmation)
The above prices are tentative & based on 50kg single polypropylene bag packing

Please Note: 

  • Also available in Double polypropylene/single jute/double jute/cotton or jute bags (with handle) in 20kg, 10kg, 5kg, 2kg and 1kg besides polythene packing for 1 and 2 kg.
  • Specific prices can be obtained for Double polished/silky polished/different broken percentages and with/without colour sortex.
Please specify your need at: marketing@ghaffar.com.pk